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We would like to thank you for your many years of management of our properties. We asked you to take over management of our properties after we had a bad experience with our previous property manager. We are very satisfied with your management since you began managing our properties over 4 years ago.
Property maintenance and expense control have been excellent. Most of all, we rely on your honesty and integrity. Communication with you is superb. I feel that I can call you at any time for your expert opinion.

We can trust Capitalink at their word. This extends to the management of our property, the billing of repairs (which are the most reasonable), or advising us on future investments.
When dealing in money matters, you look to someone in whom you have confidence, who has a broad breadth of experience and who will give you a forthright answer to the hard questions. That is why we look to Capitalink to handle our property. In sum, Capitalink is a professional, full service management team and it shows.

Board Member - TCECC 1915